Why Membership

Our practice has always been based on the principle that we are partners with our patients. We practice with integrity, in a patient-centered practice, where the whole individual is seen and heard. We are striving to continue to provide the high quality of care you expect, the reason why you have put your faith in us as your physicians.

The current market forces have increasingly obstructed our ability to practice medicine with you, our patient, as the focus. We have been told that the current system of reimbursement is not set up to support our level of service. We have researched alternatives and settled upon a membership model as the best way to do this.

Endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, this approach allows us to shift the relationship to be directly between you and us – without the interference of insurance companies. Staying true to our professional beliefs, we will now be directly accountable to you and free to concentrate on your care exclusively.

Joining our smaller, more personalized practice will allow you to receive all-inclusive care and enjoy many significant benefits not typically found in a medical practice today.


  • Establish and maintain a longterm relationship with your health care provider - No need to change your primary care doctor if your insurance changes

  • Remove the influence of the health insurance/third party payor and restore the doctor-patient relationship

  • Create a working partnership between you and your doctor in which you have control of your own healthcare decisions

  • Convenient same-day or next-day appointments with brief or no office wait times

  • Adequate time to address multiple concerns; no ten to fifteen minute visits if you need more time

  • Personal communication with your doctor by phone, text, email, or video

  • If you don’t need to come into the office, you don’t have to - We can often manage your concerns remotely

  • Prompt follow-up for lab/ test results, prescription renewals, specialist visit discussions

  • Easy to reach us for questions between visits and after hours

  • Receive immediate attention and not delay your medical care

  • Access to online medical information vetted by your own doctor

  • Home visits as appropriate (on a case by case basis)


  • We help you navigate the complex health care system

  • We coordinate your care, tests and appointments with specialists

  • We can coordinate your health care while away from home

Your Health and Wellness

  • Our aim is to meet you where you are - You define your health objectives

  • Our focus is on the root cause of illness

  • We believe that there are many paths to healing

  • We work closely with an established local network of respected colleagues in complementary and alternative practices

  • Our goal is to streamline and minimize medication use

  • Our emphasis is on prevention and lifestyle changes

  • Studies show less chance of needing ER or hospital care

Save Time and Money

  • No copays or deductibles for your primary care

  • No surprise bills from our office

  • Save time and expense of avoidable ER or urgent care visits

  • For those with no insurance or high deductible health plans, you may save money

  • Free introductory session with affiliated practitioners including Yoga, Meditation/Stress reduction, Reflexology, Thai Yoga, Muscular therapy/Massage, Reiki and Alexander Technique

Flat monthly fee covers everything that can be done in our office or via virtual visit, including all physicals, sick visits, minor skin procedures, and joint injections. Also included are an array of in-office labs including PT/INR, urinalysis, pregnancy test and strep screen.

We do not bill your insurance, which means we can now work directly for you – not for the insurance companies.

Receive the benefits of partnering with seasoned, compassionate family doctors in a comfortable setting, with the added services of allied practitioners.

The Difference between Concierge and Direct Primary Care Practices

Typically, a concierge style practice remains in the insurance network. They continue to be part of the traditional billing model, billing for office visits and collecting copays. They must follow the guidelines, mandates and rules set forth by the insurance company.

 Concierge practices also charge a membership fee to cover benefits not covered by insurance, such as 24/7 direct access to your physician.

 Our practice is the Direct Primary Care model. We are not affiliated with any insurance company or third party payer and do not receive income from claims billed. We are solely supported by our patient membership fees.

Without the interference of insurance companies, we are free to practice medicine directly with our patients.  The welfare of the patient is the primary focus. Endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, direct primary care practices provide personalized all inclusive care with many significant benefits not found in typical medical practices.