Clinical Services


  • Family Medicine for ages 6 to end of life
  • Child wellness visits
  • Annual comprehensive visit
  • Sick visits
  • Women's Health including counseling for management of menopause and hormone replacement therapy
  • Gynecological care
  • Men's Health
  • Complex care management for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension & metabolic syndrome
  • Preoperative and work physicals with EKG testing when appropriate
  • Camp and sports physicals
  • Counseling within context of health problems and lifestyle
  • Coordination of elder-care
  • End of life counseling

Testing & Procedures

  • In-depth review of family history, referral for genetic testing where appropriate
  • Dermatology screening
  • In-house lab tests including strep screen, urinalysis, pregnancy test, INR (Coumadin)
  • EKG testing
  • Vision & Hearing screening
  • Minor surgical procedures such as mole biopsies and removal
  • Orthopedic procedures including injections
  • Lacerations repair
  • Outpatient trauma including orthopedic splinting
  • Management of tick bites

Holistic medical care

  • Focus on the underlying root cause of chronic illness & symptoms
  • Wean off medications as appropriate
  • Recommendations for natural approaches to treating illnesses

Wellness and Prevention

  • Individualized lifestyle analysis & management
  • Nutrition consultation and coaching including customized menu planning- with Cindy Corriveau, RN
  • Individualized weight management analysis and coaching to achieve weight loss goals
  • One free introductory visit to local wellness services: 


  • Website newsletter
  • Links to vetted medical research on line
  • Customized research assistance
  • Liaison with Alpert School of Medicine Brown University

Medical Technology for Preventive Care

  • Biofeedback
  • Referral for cardiovascular fitness and conditioning
  • Home monitoring technologies including mobile health apps, home glucose monitoring, fitness trackers

Pediatrics/Family Practice

  • Child wellness visits for children ages 6 and older
  • Parenting advice/support
  • Family Medicine advocacy and referrals for specialized services (i.e., ADD evaluation, consultations, neuropsych evaluation and management, school help, outside resource coordination)