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Welcome to Primary Care Partnership

Primary Care Partnership is the result of many years in the practice of medicine, contemplating how it could be provided in a calmer, more caring way. We believe in the importance of mutual respect in our interactions with our patients and each other. Empowering patients to take an active role in decision-making regarding their preventive and treatment options is the cornerstone of our practice.

In 1962 this medical practice was founded by Stewart and Frankie Kirkaldy in their home in response to the need for a local doctor. While carrying on this tradition, we make the changes which leverage us to do our best work. Practicing with integrity, the care of our patients will ever be our first concern... read more

As primary care physicians, we provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services with an emphasis on maintenance of health through lifestyle change. We actively collaborate with many complementary health providers to achieve optimal individual health.

We welcome you as a member of our partnership for health and well-being. Please join us.

Cathleen S. Hood, MD

Karen L. Ottenstein, MD

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