Dr. Hood has been my doctor for 20+ years and I hope she will be forever. Her holistic approach considers the whole person, mind and body. This "new" patient/doctor concept feels like what I knew growing up. Now along with Dr. Ottenstein, this practice is unburdened by insurance dictates and government regulations. They are free to spend the time interacting with patients instead. Any concerns about the monthly cost has been more than compensated by the care and doctor access and knowing my health is in the hands of a doctor who knows me and cares about me, the patient.
Beverly, Westport

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I think everyone is great. I love coming to the office and seeing everyone.
Audra, Fairhaven

I have had a good experience so far. I have had some confusion with the doctors at WFM as to my status with them but it should workout. I think everyone here is fantastic!
Sarah, Westport

Personal attention appreciated.
Carol, Westport

Friendly and attentive as always, keep up the great work!
Nathan, Tiverton

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Ample time for a thorough physical. Depth visits and consultations very assuring.
Gertraude, Westport

Really love the new setup. Allows for the continued wonderful personal care without having to wait long periods for the appointment to begin.
Casey, Somerset

I couldn't be more thrilled about the new practice. It is so reassuring to know that you can be contacted at any time. I love the individual attention and the personal relationship I have with the whole staff.
Madeleine, Dartmouth

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I enjoy our DCP Practice. I am in a relaxed, non-rushed environment; able to fully have my concerns addressed with emphasis on preventative medicine. My physicians are competent and caring individuals. The staff makes eye contact; go out of their way to help with any concerns and me feel like I matter.
Cynthia, Fall River

I like the DPC Practice, I haven't needed to use any of the new perks, but I like the opportunity.
Sonia, Tiverton

Nice to have easy contact and quick response, I'm very happy
Tanja, Westport

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I have had positive experiences since the change over... Great care as always.
Kristina, Fairhaven

Terrific Care.
Donald, Fall River

Excellent service and very personalized. Doctors are thorough and very knowledgeable about each patient's particular situation.
Charles, Fall River

Need to tell you Helen does what she does very well and goes beyond the call of duty!
Deb, Fall River

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Working very well - first class.
Henry, Westport

It has been very effective, in my opinion. It has made everyone more relaxed in a very comfortable atmosphere, staff and patients included. We have always felt like family here, even more so now.
Rita, Dartmouth

My experience has been that everyone in this practice goes “the extra mile”. Needless to say, I am very pleased.
Vivian, Dartmouth

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I really never imagined that health care could be so personal or so patient. I feel seen as a whole person by Dr. Hood and by anyone she works with. The thoroughness, expertise, and respect are unparalleled.
Jana, Little Compton

When Dr. Hood is away, I can rely on Dr. Ottenstein.
Arnett, Mattapoisett

I truly feel very good about this place. The staff is very welcoming, the staff (especially Dr. Hood) are experts and care very much about their patients. Dr. Hood is the best doctor that I will ever have.
Iana, Fall River

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The PCP providers and staff have been taking care of me for 15 years now. I honestly don't know where I'd be without their encouragement and support to help me with my goals! BTW Helen is my favorite!
Ray, Acushnet

I am very satisfied and grateful for the quick response to my requests for phone consultation or appointments.
Inge, Westport

My experience is limited by few visits and all my experience has been great and wait time has practically disappeared.
Julie, Dartmouth

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